Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Peace Blogfest (Sept 19-21)

I'm late, I'm late! This started on the 19th, and right now in Australia it's the 21st. But I'm going to cheat and post the first two days' components along with today's. For those who are currently confused, let me clarify: Aimée Beatrice Jodoin is hosting the Peace Blogfest, and here's how it works:

  • Monday 19 September 2011 - Peace Through Art
    Post something you have created that represents what peace means to you (video, drawing, writing, music, etc.)
            I decided to share some video footage of us driving in the snow in Canada, set to one of my songs which I would describe as slightly 'ethereal' and spacey. I guess this video sums things up nicely for me - I love music, both making it and listening to it (and seeing it live in concert). It brings me peace, amongst other things. I also love winter (read: the snow we never get here in Perth), and I love to travel. I guess I also love my family, right? This video footage features some of them.

  • Tuesday 20 September 2011 - Peace Through Tolerance and Non-Violence
    How can we overcome discrimination and stop violence? Share your experiences!
            I get into a fair bit of trouble over my political and religious beliefs. I'm basically a devout atheist (with a dash of agnostic on the side), but I'm also devoutly committed to a life of non-violence and political/religious/social/etc. tolerance. I can't stand war, and I loathe governments who use violence (murder, torture, you name it) to further their own interests. I am definitely not of the "eye for an eye" mentality (or the oft-favoured "my eye, your entire body" approach), and it upsets me greatly to hear how murderous people can become in times of grief and hardship. On the other hand, there are people who go through such awful experiences and manage to emerge with their humanity still in tact - like the grief-stricken father who lost his daughter to a suicide bomber, and said he didn't want to see anyone else die - not even other suicide bombers. That, my friends, is a man I can respect.
            Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and most opinions are bound not to align with mine. I'll let you have your opinion if you let me have mine. But sometimes it's best not to get me started on these matters, because neither of us will end up very happy.

  • Wednesday 21 September 2011 (Peace Day) - Peace Through Connection
    Bringing people together in celebration should be the goal for this day! What can YOU DO to be peaceful and to continue spread the word about peace?
            I really do try to keep an open mind, though I have very strong opinions that I feel passionate about. I love to hear others' opinions, and I work hard to respect them. But at the same time I get frustrated if I feel I'm not being heard or respected. As for what I can do to be peaceful and spread the word about it? I guess I can only continue to try and remind everyone that we are all humans, and yes some of us are twisted and have gone down the wrong path (or what I perceive as the wrong path), but we all started out as babies and I really can't wrap my head around the idea that anyone starts out "evil". People are victims of circumstance, and yeah they have to take responsibility for their actions...but I think it's essential that we stop and try to think what it would be like to walk in their shoes before we leap to conclusions and judge them.


  1. Happy World Peace Day in Australia! It won't start for me until tomorrow. :)

    Your video reminded me of one of my favorite quotes, from David Guterson's Novel "Snow Falling on Cedars:" "All human claims to the landscape were superseded, made null by the snow. The world was one world and the notion that a man might kill another over some small patch of it did not make sense—though Ishmael knew that such things happened. He had been to war after all."

    Your views on violence are almost identical to mine. I just don't understand why anyone would ever want to hurt anyone ever.


  2. After we read To Kill a Mockingbird in high school, the teacher had us choose someone we had a disagreement with and write a paper from their point of view, like we were walking in their shoes. It was a valuable lesson I've never forgotten.

  3. You should have been born in the 60s. Your soul belongs in that generation. :) Mostly though, I agree with you. I will say...(not being one to shy away from discussion) I don't know if I think people are born evil although genetics are what they are. And when people do things like drinking (a lot) when they are pregnant, they mess up their child's life in a way that they may never have a normal life, never have a chance at feeling affection and love the way you and I do. It may sound harsh but I've seen a lot of this and it's a sad, sad thing. It's not the kid's fault but they are scarred nevertheless. I wish I'd signed up for this and glad you did!

  4. @Aimée - thank you! I haven't read David Guterson at all, but I think I've heard of that novel. Anyway, I'm glad you hosted this blogfest and that I could participate!

    @Susan - that sounds like a very valuable lesson indeed. I guess there are people who will learn that sort of thing, and then people who will never "get it". Strange the way that works...

    @Danette - I think I'd fit in the 60s, except for all the drugs. hehe. I hadn't really considered the angle you brought up, but of course you're completely right - I figure some people ARE born with certain combinations of genes that predispose them to, say, bad tempers or lack of empathy. Still, a lot of the time as you said it's not their fault but their parents'.

  5. Sounds like a great blogfest! I love your responses.


  6. I LOVE people with strong opinions, as long as they can see beyond them.

    Nice post :D

  7. @Debbie - thank you! :)

    @Jolene - me too! I pride myself on open-mindedness, but get very frustrated when others don't reciprocate.


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