Monday, 5 December 2016

NaNo reflection post

Here are my NaNo 2016 results, in a series of images.

I iz a winner!

My final word tally for 2016.
This 50k consisted of approximately 33,000 for my novella,
then bits & pieces of other novels to bump up the
word count to 50k.

My Author Bio on the NaNo site.
In attempting to reach 50k, I managed to finish two of my other
unfinished novels, THE PHOTOGRAPH and TURKEY BOURKE,
so all in all I am very happy with this year's NaNo effort.
I also wrote some more on two of my RAGEWATER novels,
which I have not done in quite a few years. Yay for that!

So that's that for another year. Now my list of "finished novels that are definitely not ready for publication" is even longer. :)

I should probably use every NaNo month from here on out to actually edit novels, not write new ones. It's good to get WIPs finished though. Less loose ends hanging around waving in the wind.


  1. Wow, you've really rocked the NaNo. Time to dig into some editing.

  2. Congrats and move forward with those edits!

  3. Checking in after what seems a lifetime! I have had a rough couple of years between my migraines and the side effects of my meds. Hopefully things can get back to normal soon.

    I am so glad we're friends on FB. And your fostering kitties is the best! I am also happy to hear that you're still writing like a demon.

  4. Great job staying above the line! I hope the novel is still coming along.

  5. Wow, you're a NANO pro!! I've never participated, but I'm super impressed with anyone who can pull it off =)


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